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What will the weather be like tomorrow and in the coming days? A simple question which has also mobilised space since the first weather satellite in 1959 (the American Vanguard 2).


Find out how satellites track the activity of our atmosphere. They allow our applications to give us the weather an hour ahead, at the weekend or within 15 days on French territory.
And to immerse yourself, use the weather studio! Put yourself in the shoes of a presenter and present your own weather report .

Pôle météo - quel temps fera t-il demain ? - Cité de l'espace
Pôle météo - comprenez mieux le climat - Cité de l'espace
Pôle météo - devenez présentateur météo - Cité de l'espace
Download the application Ma Cité de l'espace

Download the application

Ma Cité de l'espace

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