The Launch Centre


Main building - Ground floor


Accessible to people with disabilities

3, 2, 1, 0, blast off! With the Launch Centre, watch rockets take off from several space centres, understand how a satellite is placed in orbit or admire a real Vulcain engine of Ariane 5.


Reaching space is difficult, staying there also! You will be surprised to see how a single grain of sand up there can, by its speed, damage or destroy a satellite.

In a new space dedicated to exploring current space issues, including space debris, discover an interactive experience: “Orbital Dance”, where you control a satellite to avoid space debris. 

Also browse the new Innovations Gallery which allows you to understand the creative process of engineers in the space world.

Orbital dance
Découvrez les lanceurs partis dans l'espace - Cité de l'espace
Le moteur vulcain


We owe the famous backward count to the German filmmaker Fritz Lang. In 1929, he made Frau im Mond (The Woman on the Moon), a black and white science fiction silent film that tells of a mission to our natural satellite. To heighten the dramatic tension during the take-off scene, he imagines the countdown (which appears as text cards), relying on the fact that the public knows that the take-off will occur once the number zero has been reached.
Discover the launchers that have gone into space and test how gravity works

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Ma Cité de l'espace

"Ma Cité de l'espace" is your companion for your visit to conquer space! Find the schedules of events and shows, the exhibitions to visit, the site map, suggestions for visits and practical information.

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