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Fifty years after the Apollo feat and our first steps on the Moon, our natural satellite, Mankind has decided to return there. But this time the challenge is even crazier since it is a question of settling there. And that changes everything!

a journey to discover the apollo missions

explore an amazing immersive set and start the first part of your journey.

You will find in this prologue a retrospective of the key moments of the Apollo Missions and the incredible challenges taken on and achieved fifty years ago by NASA teams. The life-size reconstruction of the cockpit of an LM (Lunar Module) in particular, allows you to imagine yourself inside the exploits of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and the ten other Moonwalkers.
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Lune - Episode II - Découvrez les missions Apollo - Cité de l'espace
EXPO LUNE - Episode II à la Cité de l'espace
Lune - Episode II - Excursion lunaire - Cité de l'espace

objective: how to live and work on our heavenly neighbour?

In the second part of your journey, share the scientific challenges that await the space agencies: a return to the moon with the objective of staying there for longer scientific explorations. indeed, the astronauts could not stay long on the moon (up to 3 days max) because of the scarcity of their resources and the appalling environmental conditions which reign on its surface.

explore an immersive lunar setting

The MOON, Episode II exhibition transports you into total immersion in this lunar environment.

  • Can we find resources there despite its apparent desolation?
  • Manage these precious resources (solar energy, useful dust, hidden water)?
  • Are there effective ways to protect yourself?
  • How should you equip yourself?
  • How to manage to work, to stay, to sleep, to eat, to communicate? …
Lune - Episode II - Aller encore plus loin - Cité de l'espace

The Moon is Earth's past

Astronomers believe that a Mars-sized object crashed into Earth 4.5 billion years ago. This cataclysm tore off part of our world which ended up becoming a natural satellite. Studying the Moon therefore also means understanding the Earth's past.

la lune
Exposition Lune à l'intérieur du dôme
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