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The Cité de l’espace is committed to a policy of accessibility for all visitors, including people with disabilities. Since 2003, the Cité de l’espace has been awarded the Tourisme & Handicap mark for all 4 disabilities (hearing, mental, motor and visual).

All our reception, entertainment and catering staff receive regular training in welcoming disabled visitors.
Groups of disabled people wishing to organise a visit benefit from special conditions (rates, guided tour, welcome). For more information, please contact the accessibility officer: Noémi SCHOSMANN – / 05 67 73 53 76

Public Accessibility Register

You can find below the Public Accessibility Register documents for Cité de l’espace (PDF format). It provides more information on the accessibility of Cité de l’espace and on the services offered to people with disabilities.

Visually Impairment

Special facilities are available to accompany you throughout your visit: pdf guides, guide lines. See all our measures.

People with Reduced Mobility

Accessibility having been part of its design, the entire site is wheelchair-accessible (elevators, access ramps) with the exception of the Mir station for which a video replaces the visit, located at the foot of the 1:20 scale-model of Mir..

Mental Impairment

We offer a range of special facilities to support you throughout your visit. See all our measures.

Hearing Impairment

Reception, as well as all our performance venues (Stellarium , Planetarium and IMAX), the Martian Ground, the auditorium and the conference rooms are equipped with induction loops.