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With its control centre look and feel, the Carré de l'Actu connects you live with the daily life of the International Space Station (ISS) and the future lunar missions of the Artemis programme.


Greeted by Thomas Pesquet himself (in real size on a screen), find out what life is in space.

A control centre allows teams on the ground to follow an ongoing space mission. The News Corner will also put you directly in touch with daily life on the International Space Station (ISS): the astronauts on board, the experiments being carried out, etc.

The News Corner also provides an update on the Artemis programme, in which the European Space Agency (ESA) is participating. You will see a life-size reproduction of NASA’s Orion capsule. In this capsule, at the end of 2024, four people, including a woman (a first), will circumnavigate our natural satellite.

Rendez-vous dans la Carré de l'Actu, la reproduction d'un centre de contrôle
apprenez en plus sur l'ISS

Meet in the News Corner, a reproduction of a control centre

Observez la reproduction du poste de pilotage du module lunaire
observez la reproduction du poste de pilotage du module lunaire

Observe the reproduction of the cockpit of the lunar module


In weightlessness, astronauts can move around in the ISS modules or in the future Gateway station with just a flick and move equipment weighing several hundred kilos. This capability leads to significant muscle and bone loss, the demands on the body being less than on Earth. Only solution to stay healthy: exercise and for two hours every day!

On the menu:

  • exercise bike
  • treadmill (with a harness, otherwise you take off!)
  • and weight machines where you pull against springs (lifting weights and dumbbells is useless up there).
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