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We invite you on a spacewalk. Enjoy the four hectares of garden and be amazed by the real size of spacecraft like the Soyuz capsule, the Apollo Lunar Module, the Chang'e 5 lunar rover, the XMM-Newton space telescope, the Earth observation satellite, Sentinel, or the stages of the Ariane launcher.

Promenade spatiale - Faites connaissance avec les planètes du Système solaire - Cité de l'espace
Promenade spatiale - la capsule soyouz transportant les astronautes - Cité de l'espace

walk in space

The planet area

Get acquainted with the worlds of the solar system and travel the extraordinary distances that separate the planets from the sun. you will also learn the characteristics of each.

Designed in the 1960s, the soyuz space vehicle transports astronauts and serves the international space station. six hours of travel are necessary to reach the iss. take a path in the gardens to check out this reproduction.

Take the avenue of the Infinite and travel from the surface of the earth to the far reaches of the cosmos. from door to door, move further and further away from earth and see what it looks like from so far away.

Go to the foot of the seven-metre high spacecraft that carried american astronauts neil armstrong and buzz aldrin to land on the moon. it was july 1969, they stayed there for 22 hours.

Since 1999, this telescope has actually been the largest european space observatory.

Go to the foot of the famous ariane 5 rocket to admire its 53-metre height.

the iss: the largest space object sent into orbit

73 m long with a wingspan of 109 m with its solar panels, the international space station (iss) is the largest (and the heaviest at 400 tonnes) object placed in orbit by humanity. but not all at once: it took about forty launches! in contrast, mini or even nano-satellites are increasingly being used, some as small as cubes of 10 cm and others even tinier.

ISS vue dans l'espace
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