Public Accessibility Register

Public Accessibility Register

You can find below the Public Accessibility Register documents for Cité de l’espace (PDF format). It provides more information on the accessibility of Cité de l’espace and on the services offered to people with disabilities.

The Public Accessibility Register can also be consulted free of charge at the main reception.

For further information, you can contact Noémi SCHOSMANN, Accessibility Officer, by e-mail at or by telephone on 05 67 73 53 76.



  1. Decree No. 2017-431 of March 28, 2017 initial version
  2. Order of April 19, 2017 initial version
  3. “Tourism and Handicap” label certificate for the 4 Impairments (Hearing, Mental, Motor and Visual) 2018
  4. Charter of the “Tourism and Handicap” label 2014
  5. Summary “Tourism and Handicap” of Cité de l’espace 2018
  6. Welcoming People with Disabilities
  7. Digital guide for Welcoming People with Disabilities
  8. “Individual” and “Group” Rates for People with Disabilities
  9. Services Offered for the 4 Disabilities in 2021
  10. Easy to Read and Understand Accessibility Summary Sheet (ERU) of Cité de l’espace
  11. Films Scheduled in Audio-Description, Sign Language, and in subtitled versions in 2021
  12. Guide map 2020 with Easy-Visit Routes for PMR/Pushchair for People with Reduced Mobility and Pushchairs
  13. Guide for Braille and Very Large Print Documents (Arial 22) 2020
  14. Practical Guide in Large Print with Daily Timetables (Arial 16) 2020
  15. Training of Cité de l’Espace staff to host people with disabilities 2019 and 2020
  16. Mechanical Equipment Verification Report 2017 01
  17. Special safety study of mechanical transport equipment (7 lifts/goods lift) 2017 01
  18. Certificates of lifting of restrictions 2017 02
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