Mars Lab


Main building – Level -1


67 people


Accessible to people with disabilities

Take a seat in the Auditorium, while an animator conducts visual and sensory experiments to help you discover the Martian environment in a fun way.


With the Mars Lab, a scientific presenter offers you a series of six fun and sensory experiments to find out about the characteristics of the planet Mars.

Discover the characteristics of Mars

By participating in the different experiments, you will understand:

  • Scales size/distance from the Earth.
  • Composition and characteristics of the atmosphere.
  • Intense cold on the surface.
  • Behaviour of water on the surface of Mars.
  • History of Martian geology.
  • Find out about Martian fog.
Labo Mars - Comprenez les caractéristiques de la planète rouge - Cité de l'espace
Labo Mars - Participez aux expériences proposées dans l'atelier Labo Mars - Cité de l'espace


During the 30 minutes presentation, you will be challenged by the unusual nature of the experiments, explosions, instantaneous evaporation, fog which is dry to the touch, the whole family will find something for everyone from 5 years old!

200 million years of martian history in a tube

What happened to the ocean that would have existed in the first million years of Martian history? How was the atmosphere of Mars when the planet was formed? The primitive history of Mars is replayed in a few seconds in a simple tube and you will be able to witness with your own eyes the phenomenon of evaporation of the oceans and formation of an ice cap which occurred on Mars a few billion years ago.

Weather in the palm of your hand

At the end of the presentation, a presenter will allow you, if you dare, to hold in your hand a small corner of the Martian atmosphere, reproducing one of the most spectacular weather phenomena on Mars: a freezing fog whose temperature drops to -65°C.

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