Martian Ground: The Rovers Take the Stage!

Martian Ground: The Rovers Take the Stage!




220 people


Accessible to people with disabilities

Head to the Martian Ground to immerse yourself in the realm of the planet Mars and meet the Perseverance and Zhurong rovers

Meet the explorer robots which are moving on mars

Come and sit in a little corner of the red planet and meet, in their environment, four of the seven robot explorers which are moving or have moved on Mars. From the latest arrivals, a few months ago, to the pioneers of Mars robotic exploration which arrived decades ago.

Life-size replica rovers

Two scientific presenters offer daily presentations during which you will see life-size replicas of the rovers Perseverance (American), Zhurong (Chinese), as well as Ingenuity , the first extra-terrestrial helicopter.

You can find out about:

  • their mobility
  • source of energy
  • means of communication
  • piloting methods
  • and scientific instruments

A hostile environment

You will find out how these robots are designed to withstand the extreme environment of Mars and how they have been adapted to:

  • Resist very low temperatures.
  • Deal with the storms and the sand.
  • Move through the rocky desert environment of Mars.
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But what are these robots doing on mars?

The major missions and challenges of the Martian program will no longer hold any secrets for you, from on-site analysis to sample collection for a return to Earth. All the stages of a long-term Martian programme in search of an answer: was there life on Mars?

Reproduction of martian experiments.

To illustrate how the robot’s instruments work, the presenters will use everyday objects. They will thus be able to recreate a laser shot from the supercam , the French geological laser designed and piloted mainly in Toulouse, a few metres from Cité de l’Espace.

Terrain Martien - Un animateur présente les caractéristiques de Perseverance - Cité de l'espace

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