The Stellarium

The Stellarium


Main Building - Level 0


Accessible to people with disabilities

Little ones marvel at the Stellarium, Cité de l’Espace’s other planetarium.

Stellarium Cité de l'espace

Stellarium session


At Cité de l’Espace, children can also enjoy a show dedicated to young audiences.

Featuring at the moment: POLARIS, the space submarine and the mystery of the polar night (28 minutes).


A film specially for children about the scientific approach

James, a traveling penguin from the South Pole, and Vladimir, a funny bear from the North Pole, meet on the Arctic ice. As budding astronomers they wonder why the night is so long at both poles of the Earth. Their questions will lead them to take a scientific approach by making hypotheses and checking them. Thanks to the construction of an observatory and a spaceship, they will be able to deepen their study of the planets. Their journey will take them into the orbit of Earth, Mars and Saturn and allow them to understand that if the planets share features, they also have differences.

Affiche film Polaris
Extrait film Polaris

Excerpts from the film Polaris

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