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Accessible to people with disabilities

Aboard this dedicated space, youngsters (from 4 years old) assemble a rocket, pilot a ship or discover a space station.

La Cité des petits, garçon ingénieur

Organise the launch mission!

Kids City


Go on an adventure in a play area for children from 4 years old.

Explore the worlds of astronauts and rockets as a family, through immersive and interactive activities.

Prepare the rocket, organise the launch mission, and reach the space station!

Play, repair, learn to become a real astronaut.

The objective of this new 350 m² exhibition space which extends over two levels: to give a taste of space to non-readers and early readers.

Everything is done so that the little visitors are in total immersion and invent their own stories.

Ready to take off? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…!

At Kids City, explore the worlds of astronauts and rockets with your family

What age for space?

The youngest person in orbit was the Soviet Gherman Titov who was 25 years old during his Vostok 2 mission in 1961. Recently in 2021, Dutchman Oliver Daemen became the youngest person in space at 18 during a suborbital sightseeing flight. But while he crossed the border of space at an altitude of 100 km, he did not orbit the Earth, leaving Titov his orbital record.

Direction la Cité des petits
Enfants de dos dans la Cité des petits
When to visit Kids City?

Outside school holidays, Kids City is open on Wednesday afternoons and all day Saturday and Sunday at specific time slots.
During school holidays, Kids City welcomes you every day at specific time slots.

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Download the application

Ma Cité de l'espace

"Ma Cité de l'espace" is your companion for your visit to conquer space! Find the schedules of events and shows, the exhibitions to visit, the site map, suggestions for visits and practical information.

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