The Planetarium

The Planetarium




283 people


Accessible to people with disabilities

Board a real spaceship by taking a seat in the planetarium, heading for the solar system!

A quiz to learn more about the Solar System

Get comfortable in this special dome and prepare for the adventure.
Participate in the show by answering the questions asked by your presenter. You can answer from your seat using a box.

You will take on the role of co-pilot during which you will be able to work together to complete the various stages of the journey.

Travel through the solar system, then much further with this new interactive show technology.

répondez aux questions de l'animateur

Board a ship travelling through the solar system

embarquez à bord d'un vaisseau au travers du système solaire
Download the application Ma Cité de l'espace

Download the application

Ma Cité de l'espace

"Ma Cité de l'espace" is your companion for your visit to conquer space! Find the schedules of events and shows, the exhibitions to visit, the site map, suggestions for visits and practical information.

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