They accompany us

They accompany us

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The GALAXIE Club: Space Stakeholders in Occitanie

Based at Cité de l’espace, the GALAXIE Club brings together around a hundred companies and institutions, which represent 18,000 industrial and service jobs in the Toulouse area.The GALAXIE Club works to develop the space sector and the regional economy by sharing its taste for technological adventure and entrepreneurship.Over time, having celebrated twenty years of existence in 2021, the GALAXIE Club has gradually become a key and essential facility for the space industry. While its members are not all from that business sector, they are all passionate about space and the infinite magic it offers.

That’s why the GALAXIE Club supports Cité de l’espace on a daily basis and is proud to promote it, help it to develop its activities and increase its profile. It regularly organises events here, particularly its monthly meetings, its SPACE Breakfasts and its Dinner-Debate evenings.

In a setting which is conducive to conviviality and discussion, as well as action, the GALAXIE Club aims to respond to the challenges posed by the globalised economy in which its members exist, by enabling stakeholders to discuss, organise themselves and act.

For members it is also a favoured way to combine the pleasant and the useful as they meet their professional and social responsibilities, by enabling them to act to develop and promote their organisation, and more widely the entire regional economic fabric.

Further information on the GALAXIE Club website



The Friends of Cité de l’espace Association

The Friends of Cité de l’espace (AACE) is an association under the law of 1901 established in 1997, the year Cité de l’espace was established.

The association aims to promote science, technical activities and applications related to space to all audiences, particularly younger people.

It uses the facilities of Cité de l’espace to illustrate its activities in promoting scientific culture.

To achieve this, it set itself several objectives:
– Informing
Raising awareness of space and its applications in the public, in particular for younger people
– Taking part
Supporting the various events organised to promote scientific culture and more particularly by Cité de l’espace
– Organising
Competitions for young people
The annual “Friends Prize”
Themed Excursions
Events for children
– Suggesting, communicating
Gathering and proposing suggestions to help the services provided by Cité de l’espace meet the public’s expectations.

Further information on the AACE website