Stars and Wings Festival

Stars and Wings Festival
This Aerospace Book and Image Festival, held near to Toulouse-Blagnac airport from 17 to 20 November, is to put space in the limelight with film showings and conferences on the subject. The Cité de l’Espace is one of the partners.

Sharing, discovering, and dreaming: such are the key words for the Aerospace Book and Image Festival understandably entitled “Des étoiles et des ailes” (Stars and Wings). The 2011 edition is to take place from 17 to 20 November in the Business Aviation buildings, right next door to Toulouse-Blagnac airport. Entrance is free of charge.

Jacques Perrin to sponsor the festival

This year, French producer and director Jacques Perrin is sponsoring the festival. He is notably behind such outstanding works as Microcosmos and, the more recent, Oceans, a documentary film about the beauty of the worlds’ seas and in which the European Space Agency took part (see this Enjoy Space article).
The Stars and Wings Festival is first and foremost a book fair that proclaims: “De la Terre à la lune : des livres pour rêver” (From the Earth to the Moon: books for dreaming). Aviation is obviously featured, and the conquest of space will not be absent, quite the contrary. The organisers promise “an event with fifty or so authors, including the most well-known writers of literature devoted to these celestial exploits”.

Space in pride of place with events, conferences and films
This festival, devoted to both aeronautics and space, manages its double identity perfectly. Enjoy Space being a website dedicated to the latter theme, we have listed below a selection of the festival events more particularly oriented towards the stars.
The Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse is therefore one of the partners and has set up its “labo à expériences” (experiment lab). With the help of a “lab technician”, immerse yourself in some original experiments: discover the astonishing characteristics of a vacuum, explore sound and light or simulate a re-entry into the atmosphere, that delicate phase at the end of a space mission! With the “labo à expériences”, science becomes child’s play! And children as young as 7 can take part.
As regards the films and conferences, you can go up into space or learn more about it (we would reiterate that this is not the full festival programme, but a selection of the events based on the space theme).

Thursday 17 November

10:30: showing of the film “Voyage autour du Soleil” (Journey around the Sun), a superb fictional documentary made for television that portrays a human space flight mission through the solar system.

15:30: showing of the film “Space Chimps 2”. This cartoon film about a chimpanzee that blasts off unexpectedly into space whilst aliens land on Earth, brings comedy to the programme.

Friday 18 November

15:00: conference entitled “50 ans de vols spatiaux” (50 years of space flights) with Jean-François Pellerin (author of works in this field).

Saturday 19 November

16:30: conference about the MSL-Curiosity and Phobos-Grunt missions to Mars by Alain Gaboriaud from the CNES (French Space Agency).

17:30: showing of the film “Apollo 13”, Ron Howard’s masterly production with Tom Hanks that recounts the true story of this incredible space rescue operation during a lunar mission.

Sunday 20 November

11:00: showing of the film “Fly me to the Moon”, a cartoon film that relates the adventures of 3 flies who stowaway on board Apollo 11, the first mission to see men walking on the Moon.

14:30: showing of the film “Mars Needs Moms”, an astonishing digitally-animated film in which the young Milo fights to recover his mother kidnapped by extraterrestrial beings. A Walt Disney blockbuster that unfairly went almost unnoticed at the box-office: a chance to discover this little known film.

17:00: Conference put on by the CNES with Michel Avignon on “L’espace et les changements environnementaux” (Space and environmental changes).

For further details: the official “Festival des Étoiles et des Ailes” website.

Published on 14 November 2011