Josef Aschbacher, next DG of the ESA

Le Dr Josef Aschbacher sera le prochain directeur général de l’ESA à partir du 1er juillet 2021.
Crédit : ESA

Dr. Josef Aschbacher will be the next Director-General of ESA from 1 July 2021. Credit: ESA

Shortly after mid-December 2020, the Board of the European Space Agency (ESA) stated that Dr. Josef Aschbacher will be the next Director-General of the Agency. His four-year mandate will therefore begin on 1 July 2021, at the end of that of Jan Woerner. The latter has been head of ESA since 2015 and in a blog published on 17 December called his post the “best job in the world” and stressed that the next six months would allow for a “smooth transition” with his successor. However, this transition will actually be carried out more quickly, since, in a further article on his blog dated 8 January 2021, Jan Woerner explained that he would be leaving his office from the end of February and that Josef Aschbacher will be taking on the mantle as DG of ESA from 1 March.
Born in Innsbruck in Austria on 7 July 1962, Josef Aschbacher has a Ph.D. in natural history. Since 2016, he has been Director of Earth Observation Programmes for ESA.
[Updated on 11 January to take account of the change of date]