The visually impaired

The visually impaired


Disabled card holders benefit from reduced rates. Companions do not pay admission if the disability card states “needs companion”.


Visit by people with visual impairment

Guide dogs are allowed on the premises.

A guiding strip on the floor leads from the building’s entrance to the reception counter.

Upon your arrival, ask for the handbook in large print, which is published on a daily basis and shows the schedule of activites and shows. This same handbook, in braille, can be borrowed on site but does not contain the schedule of activities and movies.



The automated movies are in audio description at the Imax, the Planetarium, and the Stellarium. Find translators at the entrance to these 3 facilities.


In the gardens, there is a tactile site map, and in the park, there are two relief models (the Ariane rocket and the galaxy) with Braille text. In the exhibitions, you can touch the Ariane, Soyuz, and Vega rockets as well as Clarabelle the Bear.

The temporary exhibition (Extreme Explorations) opened in April 2014 and features 2 full-size robots (Curiosity and Philae) that can only be touched by the visually impaired.
Guided tours for the blind or visually impaired are offered periodically.
See the EVENTS section for information about scheduling.
Guided group tours can be arranged by reservation.



The menus at the Astronaut’ café are available in Braille as well as in large print. Please do not hesitate to ask for them.


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