Motor impairment

Motor impairment

Cité de l’espace has a “Tourisme et Handicap” certificate for motor difficulties.


A person who has an invalidity card is eligible for a reduced ticket rate.
If the card states “Requires Assistance,” an accompanying person has free entry.

Fauteuil roulant

Your visit

11 special parking spaces for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) are near the site entrance.
Assistance dogs are accepted on site.
If you are in a wheelchair or push-chair, on arrival request your Special Map Guide which will help you get around (routes and advice for your visit).
It is possible to book a wheelchair or a folding chair free of charge. You can also request them on the day of your visit (subject to availability).
PRM toilets are in the reception hall of the main building, on level 1 of the Exhibition Pavillon, in the restaurant L’Astronaute on level -1 and in the Hall of the Astralia building.
As it was designed with accessibility in mind, the entire site is accessible by wheelchair (lifts, access ramps) with the exception of the Mir station where a video replaces that visit (located at the bottom of the 1:20 model of Mir).
Getting into the Soyuz craft being impossible for people with movement problems, a mirror outside enables viewing of the craft’s interior. Take up position on the PRM pictogram and look at the ceiling towards the outside.
In the gardens, 2 picnic tables are available with extensions for wheelchair users: one table is outside, another is in the yard and both bear the PRM logo.

Adapted Performance Venues

Astralia: 7 PRM places are reserved for wheelchairs in the Planetarium and 6 PRM places in the IMAX® cinema. Independent access to the Planetarium is possible. Access to the IMAX® cinema will require assistance from our staff. Priority access to these 2 venues is on the left.

Stellarium: 5 PRM places are reserved for wheelchairs. Request assistance from a member of staff to access this venue.
For the three venues (IMAX® Planetarium and Stellarium), push-chairs are not admitted, they can be left in the entrance halls.

For more information, please contact:

Chantal Leloup
Tel: +33 (0)5 62 71 48 78
Email : acces[@]