Hearing impaired

Hearing impaired


Disabled card holders benefit from reduced rates.

People using French Sign Language (LSF)

Guided tours translated in LSF are offered on a regular basis, usually the last Saturday of each month, except in the summer, during which time they are held on Thursday evenings. On those days, some of the shows are scheduled in LSF. See the EVENTS section for information about scheduling.



The 3 films “Water, a Cosmic Adventure”, “Cosmic collisions”, and “Earth, Moon, Sun” are available in the LSF version. Ask the reception desk for more details about what is offered in LSF.

Dynamic display screens contain information in LSF

These screens are located throughout the building: the lobby, the Astralia Room, the Training Center, the corridor leading to the Mir station, and the Stellarium corridor.


People with hearing impairment

The vast majority of video screens are subtitled.
The reception area as well as all the performance halls, the auditorium, and the conference rooms are equipped with magnetic loops. Hearing aid users can also follow the guided tours by using headsets with mini-magnetic loops.
Deaf or hearing impaired people may request the written texts from the planetarium sessions, the IMAX cinema, and the Stellarium.

For more information, please contact:

Chantal Leloup
tel.: 05 62 71 48 78
Fax: 05 61 80 74 70
email : acces[@]cite-espace.com