Cité de l'espace
20 years of shared amazement!

20 years of shared amazement!

In 2017 Cité de l’espace celebrates its 20th anniversary!


20 ans dégradé

What’s new

A New Imax 3D Film ― A Beautiful Planet : a breath-taking portrait of the Earth from space, offering a unique perspective and a better understanding of our planet.

affiche Imax A beautiful planet






New Planetarium (July, 2017) Very High Resolution, one of the most effective in the world with interactive controls for the public.

New Planetarium Show (July, 2017)

The events

February :
Thursday 2 February: Re-opening of Cité de l’espace

March :
Friday 17 March at 6pm: “Les Grosses Têtes” of RTL [TV show]
live from Cité de l’espace (in the IMAX).

Saturday 18 March: the regional heat of Trophées de la robotique [Robotics Awards].
Robotics competition organised by Planète Sciences MP, in partnership with Science Animation MP and the Friends of Cité de l’espace.

April :
Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April: Weekend of Tourism & Disability

May :
2 – 14 May:  Europe Week

Friday 19 and Saturday 20 May: The Solar Challenges
Mini solar vehicles, wire-guided or remote-controlled, face off on time, handling, endurance and weight traction trials on a circuit each day. Meetings, events and workshops organised by Planète Sciences Midi-Pyrénées, with the Délires d’encre association, the Lycée Déodat de Séverac and the Friends of Cité de l’espace.

June :
2 – 4 June: Sky Party (astronomy festival)
THE Astronomy and Space Meeting of the South of France: Astronomy Village, meetings and workshops, observations of the sky, equipment fair, Astro Buy, Swap and Sell, Soirées…

July and August :
Every Thursday 13 July – 24 August: The Special 20th Anniversary Nocturnes

Friday 5 August 7pm – midnight: Night of the Stars
An evening under the stars to explore the sky in a different way: learn to read a sky map, look through the Cupola telescope, hear the tales and legends about the sky and many more events for young and old.

October :

Wednesday 4 – Tuesday 10 October: World Space Week

Friday 13 October – Monday 13 November:  National and European painting competition: The Colours of Space

Sunday 15 October: Grand Space Party!
2 astronauts attended the inauguration of Cité de l’espace in 1997…
… 100 astronauts will be here to celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2017!
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panoramique Cité de l'espace nocturne

16 – 20 October: World Congress of Astronauts

Saturday 28 October: World Sketch Day
Organised by the Friends of Cité de l’espace, as part of the painting competition.

November :
10 – 12 November: The Wings and Stars Festival