Recreation Centers

Recreation Centers

Your mission, should you choose to accept it… is to save the polar bears! Playing the role of the scientific experts… the children!

If you are from a recreation center and would you like to visit the Cité de l’Espace on a specific date, we offer suitable packages and activities.

Visit the entire park for €9! Included in the admission fee: the gardens, the permanent exhibitions, the temporary exhibition, the Imax® and planetarium shows, and other organized events.

Child’s admission ticket: €9 including tax (minimum of 10 children) Companion’s admission is free (1 free entry for every 10 children) Additional companion: €10, including tax Booking fee waived  23 €

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  • Guided Discovery Tour: €60 per tour, including tax (maximum of 25 children) – 7 years old and up Embark on a discovery of the Cité de l’Espace, accompanied by a scientific guide

Visite centre de loisiris

  • Recreational Workshop, “Little and Big Astronauts”: €35 per workshop, including tax (maximum of 20 children) – 7 years old and up You are in the year 2020. The International Space Station is in danger… At the end of training, your team is leaving on a rescue mission. Duration: 1 hour

atelier pédagogique

  • New Earth Workshop, “Save the Polar Bears”: €60 per workshop, including tax (maximum of 20 children) – 9 years old and up Immerse children in a genuine scientific mission! Captivating scenarios offer the participants an exhilarating approach to science: role-playing, experimental challenges, autonomy, self-esteem… The presence of a companion is required (2 companions recommended)


  • Guided tour for the day: €10 per child and per additional companion, including tax (if the total headcount of paying visitors is lower than 20, a fee of €200 will be applied) – Duration: 6 hours A comprehensive day of spatial activities, accompanied by a scientific guide
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Make your choice!

Packed lunch – €9 per person, including tax 1 sandwich, 1 bag of chips, 1 apple sauce, 1 chocolate bar, 1 33-cl soft drink

Apollo 12 menu (5-15 years old) – €11 per person, including tax Large combination plate: 3 chicken strips, green beans, French fries, chocolate mousse, apple juice

Apollo 17 menu: €12 per person, including tax Large combination plate: chicken leg, green beans and French fries, Basque cake, apple juice

Companion menu: €13.50 per person, including tax Menu of the day: main dish – dessert – coffee


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