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From Earth to the Stars From Earth to the Stars

From Earth to the Stars

Travelling Exhibition: From Earth to the Stars

Surface Area: 250 m²

Assembly: +/-2 days

Disassembly: +/-2 days

Rental Fee: Please contact us

Availability schedule provided upon request

From Earth to the Stars

Can we see to the ocean floor? How do we place a satellite in orbit? What is a comet? From Earth to the Stars offers an “edutaining” exploration of outer space and its applications across 6 themed subjects. At the heart of the exhibition, the “experiment lab” encourages children to conduct amazing scientific demonstrations in order to learn while having fun. Finally, an activity-performance is offered to extend the exhibition visit.

Ages 6 and up – workshops and demos for young audiences  

Highlights of the exhibition:

  • All major space themes combined
  • A highly modular exhibition
  • Workshop opportunities for each themed sector
  • A participatory demo area