Cité de l'espace
Comets Comets


Travelling Exhibition: Comets

Surface area: 150 m²

Assembly: +/- 2 days

Disassembly: +/- 2 days

Rental Fee: Please contact us

Availability schedule provided upon request


Take part in a spatial archaeology mission!

Comets are the oldest and least-known stars in our solar system, and they witnessed its birth some 4.6 billion years ago!

Their cores maintain -intact- the precious traces of our origins.

Through a journey that combines both participatory experiences for the whole family and astronomical discoveries, Comets is a recreational and educational adventure of extreme exploration.

Highlights of the Comets exhibition:

  • A theme connected to scientific news
  • A recreational and entertaining experience
  • Several possible levels of animation, from the simple demo to participatory “family” workshops.