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A Turnkey Rental Concept A Turnkey Rental Concept

A Turnkey Rental Concept

Travelling Exhibitions: A Turnkey Rental Concept

Exhibition, activities, communication kit, resource kit, educational kit and service included! The Cité de l’espace travelling exhibitions come with a complete set of tools adapted to your needs.


“Edutainment” Exhibitions

The subject of outer space has a particular appeal, attracting all types of audiences. Regardless of the theme, the exhibitions proposed by the Cité de l’Espace are designed to arouse the visitor’s interest through an approach that combines scientific reality and the collective imagination. Audiovisual and multimedia shows, and participatory demonstrations and experiments take visitors on a friendly, content-rich discovery, whatever their age or level of knowledge.

Deco kit for decorating your space

The Cité de l’Espace can provide kakemonos that correspond to the exhibition, for decorating higher spaces


Activities for cultivating the exhibition’s conviviality and attractiveness

In order to implement these activities and make use of the exhibition’s full potential…

– your teams are trained by our scientific activity leaders

– our activity leaders can also work directly with your visitors


Tools to facilitate communication

Exhibition imagery for your communication campaign, template letters to be sent to schools and leisure centers, exhibition photos to download


To make use of the exhibition’s full potential and to help you build your thematic workshops and activities for your audience, the traveling exhibition service provides a resource kit and thematic links for every exhibition.


Services for simplifying your life

Quotes provided within 48 hours, fast rental procedures, 3D implementation proposals for an immediate visual image of the exhibition in your space, delivery logistics, a perfectly-efficient assembly, and technical assistance 7 days of the week ensure an expertly-controlled comprehensive service with no unpleasant surprises.


Bring in a special guest for the exhibition’s opening

The Cité de l’Espace is deeply immersed in the scientific and industrial base, and therefore has a network of partners to call upon for various exhibition themes.