Onsite Dining Options

3 catering points: 1 restaurant and 2 snack bars to choose from.

Restaurant L’Astronaute

Restaurant Astronaut' Café

Restaurant L’Astronaute

The restaurant for astronauts on a mission.
A special menu for kids!
Located in the main building
See the menu

Le 149 Café

A sleek snack bar lounge. Here, you are already somewhere else… Located in the Astralia lobby
Open daily except weekdays blue period

Espace 149

Le 149 Café

La Terrasse guyanaise

A sandwich shop for small cravings and large thirsts!
Located across from Ariane 5. Only open during certain periods.

Terrasse Guyanaise Cité de l'espace Toulouse

Terrasse Guyanaise Cité de l’espace Toulouse

Case Guyanaise Cité de l'espace
case Guyanaise

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A partir du 21 juillet 2021, le pass sanitaire est obligatoire pour accéder à la Cité de l’espace.


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