Cité de l'espace


Receptions in the Cité de l’espace

Select a truly unusual place for your receptions, offer each of your guests an exceptionally magical time, and offer a range of discovery, emotions, and surprises…

Your Evening in the Gardens,

among the spacecraft. Are you dreaming of a magical, space-themed ambiance? Let your imagination run wild: a festive evening under the Mir space station, cocktails at the foot of the Ariane 5, blazing rockets, illuminations, entertainment….

Embrasement de la fusée Ariane 5

Your Evening at the Astralia

Cocktail buffet or sit-down dinner in this vast hall, at the foot of a beautiful plant wall, with shows, musical entertainment and concluded with a planetarium session projected on a 600-m2 arch, or a 3D movie on a screen as tall as a 6-story building…

Soirée à l'Astralia

Your Evening at the Heart of the Exhibitions

Discover our interactive exhibitions while enjoying your welcome beverage in a space-themed setting. From the restaurant, admire the illuminated gardens, then take a seat at the stellarium to observe Toulouse’s night sky.

Vue sur les Jardins depuis l'AstronautCafé



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Vue sur les Jardins depuis l'AstronautCafé