Cité de l'espace


Onsite Dining Options

3 restoration points: 1 restaurant and 2 snack bars to choose from.

Restaurant L’Astronaute

Restaurant Astronaut' Café

Restaurant L’Astronaute

The restaurant for astronauts on a mission.
A special menu for kids!
Located in the main building
For further information, call 05 62 71 56 10.

Le 149 Café

A sleek snack bar lounge. Here, you are already somewhere else… Located in the Astralia lobby
Open daily except weekdays blue period

Espace 149

Le 149 Café

La Terrasse guyanaise

A sandwich shop for small cravings and large thirsts!
Located across from Ariane 5. Only open during certain periods.

Restaurant l'Astronaute Partners

Nestle Waters
Sud-Ouest Découvertes