Cité de l'espace
Mentally impaired

Mentally impaired


Disabled card holders benefit from reduced rates. Companions do not pay admission if the disability card states “needs companion”.

Your visit

Guide dogs are allowed on the premises.
Upon your arrival, ask for the simplified handbook associating colors, text, and images.

The signage system in the Cité de l’Espace gardens has been redone in order to make it easier to identify locations :

  • Color code that corresponds to the site’s main categories (Exhibitions, Shows, Kid’s Area, Entertainment, Services)
  • Easily understandable pictograms
  • Simple text combined with pictograms

The restaurant menus tailored cards

Adapted menus (with text that shows pictures of dishes and drinks) are available at the Astronaut’café.

Guided group tours

We respond to requests for guided group tours. A discussion between the accessibility manager and the teachers, educators, or health professionals is required in advance… to ensure that certain tour or entertainment products are suitable.
The hosts and guides offer tailored programs and content.
It is possible to put together a plan for several periodic visits. To do so, please contact the accessibility manager to draw up a personalized agreement.

label Tourisme et handicap

label Tourisme et handicap

For more information, please contact:

Chantal Leloup:
Tel.: 05 62 71 48 78
Fax: 05 61 80 74 70
email: acces[@]