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Space is my future - 30th Planetary Congress

Space is my future - 30th Planetary Congress

Thematic Session : « Space is my future »

Monday 16th october from 14:30 to 17:30

Chairman: Bertrand Piccard, explorer and doctor.
Part 1:  « Explorers of the new worlds » – Chairman: Lionel Suchet (CNES)
Part 2: 
« Sentinels of our planet » – Chairman: Lionel Suchet (CNES)

Participants in the event:
Sylvestre Maurice, astrophysicist from OMP-IRAP and specialist in Mars and the Solar system.
Thomas Pesquet, ESA astronaut coming right back from the Proxima space mission.
François Forget, astrophysicist and specialist in Earth and exoplanets environment patterns.
Gilles Boeuf, member of the Collège de France, biologist and specialist in biodiversity.
Pascal Lecomte, director of the ESA Climate Office.