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Solar challenges

Solar challenges

Solar challenges

Solar Challenges

DateDu 19 au 20 may 2017

Friday 19th and Saturday 20th of May

Mini solar vehicles, wire-guided and radio-controlled, face every day on the track in speed, driving, endurance and weight traction events. These events represent real challenges for secondary school, high school and and leisure centres teams who participate in this competition after spending months on the manufacturing of their mini vehicles.

These solar vehicles examples establish the link between sustainable energies and transportation. They give the opportunity to focus on social questions and more specifically on how the use of clean energies is a real challenge for the future of our planet.

If there is a place where solar energy is widely used, it is in space! It is, indeed, the major power source available to fuel the various vehicles and space systems.

Solar challenges give these young people the opportunity to use technologies and advanced materials resulting from space research. Therefore, they spread their taste for science and innovation in a playful way, through the race and construction experience.

Event organized by Planète Sciences Midi-Pyrénées, Déodat de Séverac High School and the Délires d’Encre association.

Planète Sciences
Lycée Déodat de Séverac
Association Délires d'encre