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"Ciel en Fête" festival

"Ciel en Fête" festival

"Ciel en Fête" festival

"Ciel en Fête" Festival

DateDu 02 au 04 june 2017

The Astronomy and Space meeting of the South of France is back at the Cité de l’espace for its 5th edition, from June 2nd to June 4th, 2017.


Created in 2009 during the International Year of Astronomy, Ciel en Fête is a collaborative project born out of the desire of several associations and stakeholders from the astronomy and space sector to share their knowledge and passion with the general public.  

« Travel around planets »

Ciel en Fête is a key biennial event for all who are curisous about the sky. In 2017, you are invited to travel around and discover planets by participating in the various educational and festive activities:

  • Technical and playful workshops:

Make your own sky map or sundial, experience life in a space centre, discover what the job of an astronaut consists in…

Enjoy the numerous workshops organized for this 5th edition of Ciel en Fête. On-site registration.

  • Astronomical equipment fair: 

Meet the professional stakeholders in the astronomy sector and enjoy their demonstrations and advice.

  • Conferences

Attend numerous conferences and meet the greatest specialists and astronomers.

  • Astro sell-off

Sell, buy or barter second-hand equipment with private individuals, or enjoy professionnal destocking. Mandatory prior registration.

  • Evening events

Enjoy many entertainments: concerts, observations, shows…

  • Exhibitions…

And many more !

A moment to share, meet and discover one’s passion about the sky in the European leading venue dedicated to Astronomy and Space.

The event is organized by the Cité de l’espace and RAMIP association, gathering of amateur astronomers in Midi-Pyrénées, consisting in the main actors, companies, clubs and associations that promote astronomy in the region.

Free admission to the Festival.

Event website.

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